eDonkey2000 - Overnet

Overnet is a File Sharing program. This means that it will give you the opportunity to share files you have on your computer with other users on the network, and you will in turn be able to download files of them.

OverNet v0.53 download!
Description: Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP Overnet GUI version

OverNet/eDonkey2000 v1.0 download!
Description: Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP Overnet GUI version
(Overnet is now just bundled within the donkey.)

eDonkey2000 v1.4.3 download! 
Description: eDonkey GUI version for Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP


eMule Project

eMule v0.46c .exe
Description: This application installs eMule by a setup routine interactively, containing all languages and help files.

eMule v0.46c .zip
Description: This archive contains only the files you need to run eMule and needs to be unzipped, with 4 languages only.
There are a lot of file sharing programs out there, Overnet is a little different from each of them (we like to think a little better). Unlike several programs (most notably the now defunct napster) Overnet does not have servers at all. It is a complete Peer to Peer network where all clients connect directly to each other. 

Overnet is also smart enough to tell the difference between two files, even if they have the same file size and name, this has two advantages, firstly it ensures that unique files are properly presented, and secondly, that when several identical files are found Overnet can download from those independent sources at the same time, making your downloads faster! This unique file identification also allows you to create links to the files you have, sending them to friends or family, or put them on your website, so users who have Overnet installed as well can download that exact same file from your, or any other user who has it! 

It is using the same file and link format like the eDonkey, so that you can reuse even started downloads from it. 

The three key things that you can do to ensure you are getting the highest transfer speeds possible, ensure you are receiving Open Status, download popular files, and configure your client. 

Open Status : Your Status is shown in the status bar at the very bottom of the screen, it should read {ON Connected} OPEN. That last bit is important, it should read Open, if it reads Unclear, your client is still connecting wait a few moments. If it reads Firewalled, something is blocking your connection, which will prevent you from achieving optimal speeds. 

Download Popular Files: Because Overnet uses a distributed file part acquisition system, the more possible sources for the same file, the faster the file can transfer. Though be wary of incomplete files 

Configure Your Client: The information in your Options -> Network is important. 
((To see which ports Overnet is using: 
In the Graphical Client -> Select Options, Networking. 
The TCP and UDP ports are listed there 

Additionally, the program will take TCP ports assigned by your operating system when it begins new outgoing transfers. )) 

Setting proper max transfer speeds is usefull not only to keep your connection running smoothly for other programs, but to help Overnet as well. Set your max transfer speed to 80%-90% of your true max upload speed. A similar percentage of download speed for your max download speed. Max Linespeed down should be your maximum download speed overall. If you notice a lot of 'Unasked' clients in your download view (common when downloading many popular files) try increasing your Max Connections value. 

Be Aware: While downloading files, keep tabs on how they are doing, take a look back every once and a while at your downloads. Keep a mental tab on which files you have seen completely (as in the bar is completely blue, no red stripes). Seeing a file with a red stripe beside a dark blue stripe is generally a bad sign, you may want to keep a close eye for a while, if you never see that red section turn blue, you may want to give up and cancel the download. Future advancements are planned for monitoring this type of procedure, but thus far, just be aware. 

Beware of Incomplete Files: After giving a download a while to generate sources, take a look at the progress bar, dark blue sitting beside a red area can be a bad side. When viewing the bar beside the sources, seeing a long red stripe through all the sources is a horrible sign. Especially when many clients have the entire file except that piece. This may mean that the file was never completely shared on the network, and that the original source has not returned to continue sharing. 

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